Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Price and Specifications

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Product Description

With the S6 Edge, you can have a different experience others can’t experience with their smartphones.

First on the list of features is the 2600 mAh of battery power, which is a little bit larger than the one on its predecessor, the S6. The battery is good for 12 hours of browsing on a charge. The display has a plastic sub-screen which flashes different colors depending on the contact person the color is assigned to.

Another notable feature is the phone’s slim design. With only 0.27 inch thickness, this smartphone easily smashed its heavyweight rivals with their bulky designs. However, the slim design of the phone might make you wonder if you can protect it from the impact. You need a case that can protect it not only from impact but also from fingerprints and oils, too.

A great feature for photography buffs and newbies is the 16-MP camera. This camera uses f/1.9 aperture and OIS. By all standards, it appears that the mobile phone technology has reached the point of optimal image stabilization with the Edge’s camera.

The Galaxy S6 Edge runs on a 64-bit processor, which is a long-awaited upgrade for Android devices. Samsung made sure that the Edge will have the capability to run a 64-bit processor hardware- and software-wise. With the Edge, Samsung made a statement that it’s one technology company others must contend with.

Even more unforeseen for competitors is Samsung’s inclusion of wireless charging technology on the Edge. A chip was added to the architecture to enable wireless charging with the use of charging pads that were already available in the market when the phone was still on its planning stage. You can make charging the phone as convenient as you want it to be.

While wireless charging is possible, the phone can still be charged using wired technology, but for this device, wired charging was made to be 4.5 times faster than its predecessors. With this capability, you can use the phone for 4 hours with just 10 minutes of it being plugged in for quick charging.

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  • The Lowest price is AED 1494 at Souq.